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here i am on a friday night sitting in my room with my friend. who is sleeping.
not that there is anything wrong with that i just really REALLY want to go out!!!
caffeine is pulsing through my veins on an empty stomach and i can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!

i want him to just fucking call me!!!!!!!!
i'm sooo pissed. we were supposed to hang out at five and its quarter til eight!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK.


i just want to go somewhere. ANYWHERE.
i kind of just want to drive to his house and surprise him. hahah THAT would go over superbly i'm sure.
and i really want to text my friend maxine but i feel weird because i just dont feel like i know her that well...
i just wanted to hang out with them. he told me he would. he picked out the time. so somebody please explain to me why i am sitting in my room alone [my sleeping friend does not count] ??????????????????????????

i mean tomorrow i'm going to be gone all day anyways but i just really wanted to see him and its FRIDAY.


so now i'm probably going to go do my chores to expend some energy. oh yay. nothing more fun than that now is there...
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On January 21st, 2009 02:18 am (UTC), em_lalala09 commented:
thank you dear :)
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